Are you a motivated professional, yearning to find and land your dream job?

Feel undervalued in your current position - and want a promotion or a raise?

Frustrated with age discrimination, knowing you are the best candidate for a job you could do with one hand tied behind your back?

If so, I can help you jumpstart your job search to land the job you deserve!

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There are lots of great jobs out there.  And I can help you find and land your dream job fast. Here are 3 different ways I can help you meet your career goals.

Free JOB Resources

I have created lots of free information and resources to help you master your job search skills so recruiters call you!  They include lots of videos, worksheets, 3 eBooks, information on building a powerful LinkedIn page, and more. I will even give you access to the first 5 modules of my signature online training course! Check out all these valuable resources at no cost. They will help you learn how to start your job search, create your resume, understand LinkedIn, and so much more.  And in the process, you to get to know me and understand just how much I can help you succeed in your job search.


Searching for a job is practically a full-time job on its own, and can be lonely, frustrating, and confusing.  In addition to creating your powerful job search tools and resources, I will hold your hand throughout the search process, teaching you the structured 3X30X90 job search methodology designed to help you land your dream job in just 90 days.  Our weekly 1-on-1 coaching calls keep you moving forward daily, and the unique strategy will deliver results fast!  And I am by your side for as long as you need to provide guidance, make introductions, answer questions, and generally become your career mentor and guide.


The ultimate dream job for a seasoned professional is to run your own consulting company, where you are hired for your experienced and expertise, and your age is not problem. We will help you set up a consulting company from scratch, helping you to choose your company legal structure and name, create your logo, an authority website to showcase your skills and offer your value-added services, and create all the tools and resources you need. PLUS we provide weekly coaching on how to build and grow your business. In just 2 weeks, you can have your consulting business up and running!

Why I Am Uniquely Qualified To Teach You This Information

I'm Diane Huth, your dream job coach, and I provide live face-to-face coaching and extensive video training to ensure you are equipped with the skillset, toolset, and mindset to plan and execute a successful job search faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible.

I wrote my first Amazon best selling career guide, Brand You To Land Your Dream Job, to help my college students find a job when they graduated.

When I discovered the Baby Boomer unemplayment crisis, I wrote my next best selling book Reinvent Your Career - Beat Age Discrimination to Land Your Dream Job, to help older job seekers get the jobs and pay they deserve.

As a result, I have become a nationally recognized career coach, with more than 5 career guide books under my belt.  I have helped hundreds of motivated professionals just like you find and land their dream jobs - with many securing desireable remote or work from home jobs. And I have appeared on more than 150 radio programs, TV shows, podcasts, webinars, and workshops.

And to help you throughout this complicated process, I've created a whole series of powerful training programs, on-demand video courses, downloadable eBooks,  information on setting up your own consulting company,  1-on-1 coaching calls,  monthly live coaching, and much more.

Here is what just a few of my satsified clients say about working with me:

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Diane Huth

Your Dream Job Coach

Diane Huth

Your Dream Job Coach

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