Launching a job search to land a new job can be confusing, frustrating, and exhausting.  No one ever taught us the skills needed to find a new job - especially not in today's digital market.  We just guessed at how to write a resume and conduct a job search.

But it's totally different today, and you need a lot of information and help to effectively launch a job search that will result in a well-paying new job that recoginizes and rewards your skills and experience. 

So I am here to help you learn the insiders' secrets to job search success.

I've created all these free resources to help you find and land your dream job.  I will help you demistify the process, so you know what you need to do to succeed.  You will also get to know me, my job search philosophy, and get a good idea of how I can help you when you are ready to learn more and take steps towards changing your future.  When that time comes, I hope you will want to upgrate to one of my paid courses or programs.

Step 1: Sign Up For My Free Video Calling Training 

Your next job interview will probably by on a Zoom call.  So check out this free 28-minute detailed video training to learn exactly how to rock the Zoom room!  

Master lighting, camera position, background, sound, equipment, clothing, and more!

Step 2: Join My Facebook Page

If you want to learn more about the job search process, join my Facebook page.  Here you will find inspirational content, valuable tips, and lots of free resources to help you in the job search process.

Step 3:  Subscribe to My YouTube Channel 

I have recorded more than 50 information-packed YouTube videos that will give you great insight into the how to master all the key steps in your job search.  Subscribe now so you never miss another one.

Step 4: Access The Masterclass for FREE

Take advantage of my special offer to gain access to the first 5 modules of my Secrets To Land Your Dream Job Masterclass - absolutely FREE! 

Step 5:  Learn How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn is the #1 online resource that is critical to your success.  Check out this 6-page cheat sheet to learn how to build and manage your powerful LinkedIn profile.

Step 6: Download my free list of the best remote job sites

I've compiled a list of the best Work-From-Anywhere Job Sites, and this is the one resource you need to find a truly remote job today.


Step 7:  Check Out My Career Guide And Checklist

This is a 16-page guide to help you evaluate your job  search readiness, and gain valuable insight into the assets and skills you will need to be successful.

Step 6: Access The Best Remote Job Board - Flex Jobs

Finding a remote job is one of the best ways to work in paradise, and FlexJobs is hands-down the best resource to find and land great remote jobs.

Step 7:  Learn How To Become A Well-Paid Freelancer

Another great way to find flexible work  is to become trained as a skilled freelancer in one of the 80 roles taught at Freelance U.  They offer work-at-your-own-speed training, plus a powerful job board to help you find your first freelance gig fast. 

Step 8: Grab 3 Free Valuable eBooks

I have prepared 3 eBooks with unique and insightful information to help you in your career journey.   Get them now right here - for free of course.

Step 3: Watch this quick training

This short 7-minute video will give you an overview of the 10 different ways you can work in paradise.  Which one resonates most with you?


Diane Huth

Your Dream Job Coach

Diane Huth

Your Dream Job Coach

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